Public speaking and SciComm

Public speaking is all about charisma and NATURAL talent!
Some people are just BORN with it! Either you HAVE it or you don't!

Ever heard these "deeply rooted into our minds" facts?
Well, in my personal experience I can say that many of my friends in the science community have also been reciting those "facts" to me, usually when we were talking about amazing speakers who also happen to be scientists.

But is it true?
Or, is it possible that most of these "public speaking wonders" aren't really wonders without practice and a long iterated process?
Some maybe are. But most aren't.

Public speaking and talking about your science with confidence and clarity to various audiences (SciComm) are skills you can acquire- but it takes time and practice. It may come sooner to some, but it's ALWAYS a process.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't give up in advance and say "I'm just not good at it" or "it doesn't come natural to me",
Instead, change your mindset and start practicing, today!