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Science Communication (SciComm) is vital for your success as a STEM leader

meitalAsk any scientist—preparing to deliver a lecture, whether to experts in your field, researchers from other fields or to non-professionals like the general public, funders, policy makers etc., can be a daunting task. In either setting, the messages need to be clear, concise and, most importantly, memorable.

My name is Meital Salmor and I am a Science Communication (SciComm) trainer and strategist. My passion is helping researchers, industry leaders and students to elevate their communication skills and present their research effectively and engagingly to diverse audiences.

Together, we dismantle complicated research and data into clear messages, minimize the use of jargon and technical terms and sharpen presentation skills. read more ›

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“As researchers, our tendency is to be very focused on our research subjects and less about how it may affect our society in a broader perspective. When I talk about my research, I understand that what seems important to me is not as important or interesting to people outside my research. When training with Meital, I was able to build messages that resonate with different audiences and in an efficient time frame that makes the audience absorb my messages in a memorable way.”

Rafael Stern, PhD student at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science

In this video, you can watch Rafael in action, giving a talk about his work while passionately telling the audience his personal story and what led him to do his groundbreaking research in climate science. Wait to the end and listen to the beautiful poem Rafael is reciting.


Noticing non-verbal cues


Enthusiasm is contagious!


What makes a talk memorable?


Awareness of jargon



Shay Shemesh, PhD student
Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
"…Meital breaks SciComm, step by step, to a set of skills ranging from tools needed for an excellent presentation of research products and audience analysis, to how to position the speaker's hands while standing on stage…"


Efrat Resnick, PhD student
Chemical and Structural Biology
"During the training I learned to easily explain my research to diverse audiences while adapting to different situations, time frames and the levels of interest and knowledge of people who listen to my talks. "


Tom Manovitz, PhD student
Physics of Complex Systems
"…thanks to Meital’s excellent training I was able to minimize my extensive use of jargon and technical terms when I speak and to create a set of analogies and clear messages that express the meaning of my research…"



Why are scientists being ignored?

Maybe if their message was clearer, it wouldn't have been ignored..?😉 Having Scicomm skills helps you make your scientific message

Public speaking and SciComm

Public speaking is all about charisma and NATURAL talent! Some people are just BORN with it! Either you HAVE it

I have conflicts with how my science is being presented in the media and to nonprofessionals

I have conflicts with how my science is being presented in the media and to nonprofessionals- sounds familiar? One of

Empathy in science

Communicating your science to others has a lot to do with empathy. Look at the person in front of you-